looking at yz426f

i am whanting to buy a yz426f.if anyone is selling one let me know.and also do the 426 have anything thats bad about them.do the motors in them last long

My son has a 2000 426 for about 6 months and so far it has been a great bike. All we have done is routine maintainence, but the previous owner of any bike will have alot to do with how happy you are with it.

I love my 426. Other than routine maintence, I have replaced the kick starter and a bunch of rear tires....LOL. Honestly, the 426's where awesome bikes that are very solid. :mad:

I only bought my 02 426 about 6 months ago, and had to replace a bunch of missing bolts holding parts of the body on. But that was from the previous owner. He was a hardcore rider and you could tell the bike had endo'd at least once because the fenders were bent. But other then that, the only problem I've had with it was a crack in my left case from running over a branch that flung up a rock. New skidplate fixed future problems with that. Still haulin ass, and I love it. Another problem I did come upon is that it fouled plugs a LOT. Eventually found that if I fire it up just to bring it to the front yard and back it fouled. I just made sure I would ride it for a good 20 minutes if I start it, and haven't had a problem since.

Yup. 426's are excellent, bullet-proof bikes. Keep them maintained and they will last for years.

P.S. I just sent you a PM.

love my 2001 yz426 it is a beast my uncle has the same bike he bought his new and I got mine used both run great

mine has less stress markes in the plastic tho hehe

honestly tho I think the previous owner bought it and it was too much for him

I just put in a new top-end on my '02 (not because it was running poorly) but because it had over 300hrs on the original parts and I was getting nervous when riding miles from the truck. Everything in the engine was still in spec with no signs of abnormal wear. The mechanic that honed the cyclinder and installed the new valves in the head said I could have gone another 150 to 200hrs no problem. How many other bikes (2 or 4 stroke) could you put 500hrs on? :mad:


I'll reinforce the reliability of the 426. I've had my 02 since May of 2002 as a new bike. It has been stone reliable for me in MX as a senior vet. I check the valves at reasonable intervals, change the oil and clean the oil filter every 3 hours (Yamalube 4R and Yamaha filters,) clean and oil the air filter after every race and do regular grease duty to the bearings throughout. No mechanical failures and no valve problems whatsoever. Jet it right, change the oil, keep the filters cleaned and ride it and enjoy it.


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