Xr Finally Done

Here she is finally done i posted about it awhile back and she has finally come togethor into one mean machine.

To start off she got a

Wiseco Hi Comp 11:1 Piston


Kibble White .460 lift valve springs

Titanium Valves

Mikuni TMP-40 Flatslide Pumper

Ricky Stator Hi OUtput stator coil

Black Baja Designs Kit

New Excel Takasago Rims

Dunlop D606 tires

Baja Desings Key Lock

Magura Hydrolic Clutch

Barrnet Clutch Kit

4.6 Gallon IMS Tank

Black Acerbis frenders front to back

K&N Air Filter

Pro Taper Handle Bars

Pro Taper Grips

Gripper Ceet Cover

Black Honda Fork Boots

She makes me very happy considering i bought her in about 5 or so boxes and built it from basically scratch but am considering selling not sure yet we'll see, tell me what you guys think.




Sweet! I love that look in black!

Looks awesome, love the colour scheme. Nice technicals too

NICE! CLEAN! I cant wait to post my bike up on here when its all put back together...

yeah thanks guys she was alot of hard work but i think it payed off this thing rips.

Sweet looking ride....Nice job on puting it together...:mad:

:mad: :mad:


I wouldn't sell it, you'll hate yourself later when you cant ride it. Espeacially after all the work and sweat you put into it, just to let someone else enjoy your hard work. Other than that it's a sweet looking bike. Good job.

Very nice work, I hope my bike turns out half as nice as that one.

I agree...don't sell it.

That bike gives me inspiration to get my bike finished with all the aftermarket stuff and Hi-Perf engine build!!!!


Looks like the dirt version of my XR600R Supermoto!

Looks awesome!

Hold on. It's never done. You know that, right? Now it's time for some suspension. Look for some later cartridge forks (1991 and up). It will make a big dirrerence compared to your damper rod forks.

How is the 11:1 piston? Does it ping on premium pump gas or do you run race gas?

Yeah, in fact Ill sell ya my 1996 cartridge forks and tripples when I do my USD aswap. They have been all done up by Racetech....

Very nice, well done, and it looks well planned. A+ with bonus points!

looks great, now I have to finish mine:eek:

How come the black tank looks all scored and scratched up? Is this the way the Baja kit looks new? The white and red stock tanks don't show scratches like this even after years of riding.

Nice restoration work, and I'm sure 'she' rips, but I still like the stock look best. My XR600 is a 'he' — no aftermarket emasculation.


possibly cause i rode it and got a few scratches thanks to a very small palm tree and it kinda came that way, but i already do have the upgraded suspension those came with all the parts when i bought the bike and i know its never done im already considering buying an electrosport speedometer. and the 11:1 piston doesnt even ping i ran it for a few hours before realizing i put in 87 octane and no pings so i filled her up with 91 and she runs even better.

Yeah, in fact Ill sell ya my 1996 cartridge forks and tripples when I do my USD aswap. They have been all done up by Racetech....

hmm pm me a price and i'll see what we can work out

it appears we have a lot of xr600 on the site i was starting to think everyone owns a 650 on the site lol i think us 600 guys need to start posting more and let them know us 600 guys are still alive lol great looking bike's guy's


ok now where do you cali guys ride most of the time i'm usally out a stoddard wells or johnson valley every now and then lake el mirage

well, I would not sell it

Nice looking bike, jeez

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