Minor Stumble

Hey all, was out cruising around on my 03 the other day on the roads around the house, and noticed that at avg speeds 45-55 mph with the throttle held steady, I get a minor stumble every now and again. Since I am new to the whole 4-stroke thing, is this just inherent in a flat-slide carb (thought I heard somewhere that they are known for that), or is there a glitch in one of the jetting circuits that I am missing? Has anyone else noticed this type of behavior in their machine? I'd appreciate any comments on the subject- thanks guys!

your tps is prob just out of adjustment...do a search on tps in this forum and you will see what i am talking about, i forget the correct voltage off the top of my head, but if you unplug it and the stumble goes away, you just need to dig the volt meter out and adjust it:thumbsup:

If TPS is fine, stumble means rich jetting.

Try dropping the needle 1 clip and you should see a good improvement in power.

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