YZ450 what year

I am looking for my next bike as I save $$$$$$$ I am on a 2001 yz426 right now

and if I decide to get a 450 what year are good ones or is there a major difference between the 03-05 450's

by the time I have enough $$ I might be able to get a 2006 but if not then what year is good

and is the 4 speed a problem for trail riding??

The '03 was the most aggressive engine, and IMO needs 8oz of flywheel to make it usable. They also had some clutch chatter/grab issues that are pretty simply resolved.

The '04 may be the best of the 3 early YZ4540's. The engine was still a handful, but a little smoother. The crank was revised with a stronger big end, the forks were upgraded from 46 to 48mm, and work much better. The bike had Titanium pegs, too.

The '05 had the first twin chamber fork on any YZ, the same AOSS fork that the KX450F had in '06. The fork was a big improvement, and with a little work, is pretty darn good. The ignition map was changed to make the engine more manageable, and most people think they over did it. A Vortex will take care of that. The primary drive gearing was changed to a higher ratio, which means that the final gearing is going to be different than the other two.

As to the question of the 4 speed, the 450 first gear is very slightly lower than that of the 426, while 4th falls between the 426's 4th and 5th. So, my solution is to gear the bike to where the overall ratio in low is about the same, and it works OK.

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