Wheels fit to 06 from 03 ?

Hi pro's! Simple question:

Can I use 03 yzf 450 wheels to my 06 450 yzf ? any difference wheels spacers etc.?


Everything in the front is the same.

In the rear, the hub is the same, and the brake side bearing and bearing distance spacer is the same. The drive side bearing is a different part number, but since the hub and right bearing are the same parts, the difference may be something other than the dimensions. The axle and wheel spacers are different in the rear as well, but IMO, in the worst case, you could change the bearing and spacers and convert it, even if you can't then interchange the wheel between the two bikes freely.

They work fine. My practice wheels are 05s now, but use to have 03s. Just use the 06 spacers.

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