XR650L: Terra Tire after 1,000 miles...

The more miles I put on it - the better I like it. It's the steel-belted USA model. Even as the center knobs wear down a bit - the traction is still good. I bought a Dunlap to replace it - but I think when I do replace it - it will be another TT.

It is a beast to put on and I read a ride report on ADV and some guy on a big ride had a flat way out in the sticks and it was hell trying to get the tire off and on. That being said - I've not had a flat and really like the tire. I ride about 50/50 - road-off/road. I did have to hack saw off the chain guard support to get it on - no big deal.

Pics Please

A flat with the steel belted terraflex?

You just ride home on it!

I did 8 paved miles at 50mph and the tire just freakin' laughed at the abuse. I didn't even know the thing was flat till I hit hard terrain.


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