First WR450, with a DEFA warm up?

Ok! So I figured, soon there will be days with -30deg C, and I`m not into torturing my bike! So I bought my self a DEFA "hoseheater", model 715. Its 500W so it wont boil the coolant in 3min!

I bougt it from a friend who said it had to little effect to heat his carengine! So the I figured it may be perf for a bike like mine! The 715 model looks like this:

The reason why I bought it was it looked like a perfect fit between the frame and the engine:

It fitted pretty good, had to cut the pipes down ca 1 cm each:

Then I just had to cut some of the plastic of the connectors to be able to connect the powercable.. The pipe where the coolant hose is connected to the left radiator gave me some trouble so i had to cut most of the plastic on the powercle connector to make it bend:

Then I just had to cut the original coolant hose and make 2 new ones..

And when I was done it looked pretty nice and tidy!

I have move some of the cables because I didnt want them to touch the heater cause I was afraid they would melt!

Havent tried it to much yet.. Installed it yesterday.. Took about an hour.. So this morning was the first time I tried it for real. Had about -10 C outside, connected it, breakfast, shit, shave and shower, then I went out to check.. In less than 1 hour the radiators had about 70degrees C, the cylinder head was about 30-40, and the walls around the cylinder had about 30-40. I guess it would be better it i had some kind of water pump to make it circulate. But it worked pretty darn nice! Let it stay connected a litle longer and I guess the engine would be a little hotter too!

Anyone else who have done anyting like this?

Sounds good.

Cant seem to look up the pictures.

How is it working ?

Why did you do this ? Do you store the bike outside ?

Thats awesome.... I'd love to have that and a pre-lube pump the bike would last forever! ( and most other engines for that matter)

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