Yamaha financing

You can do your taxes, but you can't stay off the shift key, eh? :mad: Some, but not all 0, 0, * plans charge for the accrued interest. Most charge nothing if paid in full prior to the end of the grace period. They typically do charge accrued interest if a balance is carried beyond that, although some don't. Read the contract to be sure, and be sure you understand what goes on.

does some one have a link to the Snap-On offer?

Thanks. Torque wrench is on it's way:thumbsup:

I got my torque wrench in the mail yesterday. It's a 3/8 drive and has a range from 5 to 100 ft/lbs, so it should cover everything on the bike. You just push a button and it changes to in/lbs or metric. A real nice tool. I looked it up on the SnapOn site and it sells for $323.


The upper steering stem nut calls for 105, but if you decided that you don't want the wrench because of that, let me know, alright?

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