Aftermarket Exhaust Strength

The nice thing about the stock xr650r steel exhaust is that it doubles as a hand hold for moving around the back end of the bike - nice and sturdy. I was wondering about aftermarket exhausts such as FMF & White Brothers, can you grab one of them and lift the back of the bike or is that a no-no?

I doubt that many people will post to this thread as we all have a large aversion to visiting the burn ward at our local hospital and do not regularly move our 650s by the exhaust silencer.

Sure you can grab it when it is cold, but I think that may be a habit to try and break before something begins to smell like burned flesh, or you melt your nice riding gloves. Or you could ride with welding gloves. Enough of the fun!

I'm going to guess that you grab the bike by the silencer to move it around the garage to make a little more room for the 'box with wheels' that also needs some space.

I would venture to guess that most aftermarket exhausts could be used in the manner of bike lifting point. I would not be one to recommend picking up a bike by the can (especially if its very hot Titanium -- bend-o-rama!), but if you must, try to examine the situation beforehand. Some cans (the old White Bros. R4 comes to mind) have you use a longer bolt and a spacer to fit the can. This is a weaker setup than the stock system due to the additional torque placed on the longer bolt. It can bend ever so slightly. The wiggling on the bolt may also eventually loosen the bolt, prompting the bolt to vacate the premisis at the most inopportune time. If the can bolts up like the stock piece (my XR's Only Comp unit is like this), I would say go ahead and lift to your hearts content. If the can uses a slip fit mount, especially if it is carbon fiber, do not use it for lifting purposes. Things may not line up correctly again.

But there is a reason that the rear fender has a flattened lip right behind the rear seat.

Sir, I would reccomend that you break the bad habit before you get the worst of that practice. Then you will be visiting someone else who also practices.

Come on guys, give me a little more credit than that :mad:. Unlike my old XR400 which had a subframe under the fender to grab, it seems like the rear fender on the 650 dosen't look strong enough to grab and lift. Maybe I'm wrong on that. So when the pipe is cool, I use it to shift the back of the bike around. That's why I was wondering if I ever change the exhaust, will I still be able to use it for leverage.

The rear fender is more than strong enough if you grab it right above the can. As long as it isn't franken-stitched together following a knarly crash! :mad:

You gotta admit it though, you did set yourself up for a laugh or two!

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