Chain Tension Adjuster Bolts Frozen

Any suggestions for getting out a chain tension adjuster bolt that is snapped off flush were it screws into the swingarm. I've tried a liquid wrench/hole-punch/hammer/drill/easy-out with no luck. One is broke and one must have the last few threads corroded because it will ony unscrew about 3/4 the way out until it binds. (btw - I bought it this way)


For the one that still can turn spray with lube and work it back and forth till you can finally remove it and retap the threads. The one that is broke off, you need to use a center punch then use a titanium drill bit on slow speed and use some cutting oil to help penetrate the bolt. Then use an extractor to remove it. If that still doesnt work then just drill completely out and use a helicoil to replace the threads.

heli coil... thanks, I'll do that.

It takes some time but I drill progressivly larger holes untill I get to a bit just under the bolt size. Then you can usually grab the bolt with some needle nosed pliers and back it out. Make sure you center punch where you're drilling to get a hole exactly in the center. The last two I've done just took a little cleaning and the new bolt worked fine. Make sure you apply anti-seize to the new bolt.

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