I have an 02 yz426 and am thinking about putting in a weighted flywheel. I just dont know what weight is best to keep the punch for the track but allow the bike to lug some on trails. Has anyone found the perfect wieght. Any advise would help. Thanks.:mad:

Here is good place to start. Steahly Offroad

10 or 12oz should be good. I had a 12 oz on my 01 YZ426 and like it.

Do it, you won't regret it.

I tried a 10oz. on a 426F before and loved it. For desert riding though I preferred the stock setup.

I went with the 12 oz. and do lots of desert trails, well worth the time and effort. Think real hard before you choose the bolt on version, with the 01 maxed out at 11,500 rpm, it does not take too much off center to change the dynamic balance of the motor. I opted for the higher dollar factory balanced version.

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