Left side engine cover removal?

What's the trick to removing the left engine cover?

I have all the bolts out.

I have a service manual, it just says remove the bolts and remove the cover.

Is there oil behind there?

I know it's on a couple of locating dowels.

Doesn't seem to be anywhere to safely pry or pull on it?

I'm leary of anything vibrating cause of the stator.

Tips? ideas?

I'm re/re it to replace the clutch lifter arm seal and bearing.

Try a dead blow hammer or heavy rubber mallet with LIGHT TAPS!

Let us know which bike, but I'm guessing 1990 600R from your other posts.

Yes, there is oil in there. Either drain it, or have the bike tipped so the oil goes to the other side. It needs to be tipped a good 30 degrees or so. Otherwise you will have a quart or so of oil on the floor.

The easy thing to do is leave the clutch cable on there and just actuate the clutch lever. If the cable is off, you can use a large wrench to turn the clutch arm directly. Since it's on the cover it pushes against the rod that does the clutch. That acts to pop off the cover. If that doesn't do it, actuate the clutch and tap with a hammer as previously described.

Fire it up and rev it to 9 grand, it'll pop right off no proiblem.

Fire it up and rev it to 9 grand, it'll pop right off no proiblem.

I think the top will pop first at that rate! LOL!

Just curious how is there oil in there with the stator?

Got er done.

The clutch lever with the cable hooked up worked great....thanks for the tip.

No problemo once you see what's inside.

Thanks all.

Welcome !!!

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