5-Speed OR 4-Speed For A 2001 YZ426

I recently bought a 2001 YZ426f, the previous owner told me that it has a 4-speed transmission. I have spent countless house on the internet finding reviews and specs on this bike (same year and model) and all the aticles that I have read point out a 5-Speed transmission. I am cuirous if anyone knows if yamaha made the yz426 with a 4-speed around the year 2000-2002.


All of the 426s were 5 speed. The 450s were 4 speed up until 06 I belive.

If your bike only shifts into 4 gears, then you have some big problems.

1998 - 2002 Yamaha YZ400/426F - 5 Speed

2003 - 2005 Yamaha YZ450F - 4 speed

2006 - 2007 Yamaha YZ450F - 5 speed

yes it is a 5 speed my uncle thought it was a 4 speed then he found out it had another gear hooray for 5 speed!!!

Ya if you only had 4 there would def. be a problem lol

Thanks everybody for the info on my question. I have confirmed for sure that my bike does infact have a 4-speed transimission. While taking my bike around the block I was very agressive in trying to find a 5th gear but had no such luck. So now comes the point where I will be taking it into a dealer to find out if my transmission is broken or the stock transmission has been replaced with a 4-speed.

Is there a black oil filler cap on the ignition cover of your engine? (left side, near the cylinder)

This might sound weird, but it could be possible that Yamaha may have experimented with a four speed in 2001, and those test bikes were given to the test riders, who intern sold them to the public. The only reason I think this could be possible, is because a guy down the street has an 02 honda crf450r with a 4 speed, while all production crf450's came with 5 speeds. He used to live next door to a honda test rider, that guy sold him the bike a year after he had it.

So it's either that, or your bike is @!*@^ up.

Good luck, and let us know what you find.

UPDATE: I've done some further inspection on my question here so I thought I would update you guys on what I have done. I pulled the engine number my bike and gave it to a local yamaha dealership with a service department. He called the Yamaha Corp. and gave them my engine number, they came up with nothing. The number didn't put anything up, or engine information, I have since then called myself and gave them my VIN # and Yamaha Corp. has redirected me back to a local dealer but suggested to have them call a "regional Tech. Assist." to answer my tranny question. The next step after that is to just open the case and see if I do indeed have a 4-speed or if I have a technical problem somewhere with my gears.

I will keep you all informed as I get answers.

Take out the shift cam sensor (switch) near the gear shifter (black thing with wires coming out).

If i am right, it should have 6 contacts. The 5 main ones (one for each gear) are evenly spaced, but there is an extra one for neutral.

**FINAL UPDATE** First off I wanted to thank all of you who put input into my question. I have finally come to the end of my search and my conclusion is this. After asking a handfull of other 426 owners both with the same year as mine or a year older or newer, I have come to the conclusion that infact the 2001 YZ426f comes with a 4-speed transmission stock. The 2001 YZ426f has the 5-speed transmission for trail and street riding. Now I know this answer did not come from a tech or by checking out my transmission but I believe this to be the case. I will still keep my eyes and ears open to this subject matter and eventually dive into my transmission to mecahnically inspect if infact it is the stock 4-speed tranny. Again much thanks to you all for trying to help me out with this question.

(I will keep this updated if any information should change)


Well, I hate to have to tell you this, but your conclusion is wrong. All YZ426f models from 2000 to 2002 were 5 speeds as built for sale to the public. All of them.

You came to the wrong conclusion - all 426 were five speed.

Please answer grayracer's question in an earlier post regarding the filler cap, because this could provide a clue. Is it possible that you have a '03 450?

Even better..post pics of the left side of the bike...

I agree with grayracer. I asked the same question and every thing I have found leads me to believe I have a broken 5 speed. How do you get parts for a bike your dealer says doesn't exist. The front sprocket cover has the shift pattern as 1 down 4 up My factory manual that I now have that originaly came with the bike says it's a 5 speed. I picked it up from the original owner yesterday. I've ridden my bike as a 4 speed for over a year.:lol: If it ever snows in NY this year, I'll tear mine down and find out. V

??????? 1 down and 4 up is a 5 speed

some were experimenting with 4 spd 426's back in the day,maybe its one of them:excuseme:

To all of those who have been riding their 4 speed 426's, I know of a mod to make your bike much faster. Either shift or fix 5th gear! Sorry I had to say it. You would probably get a better answer on TT than you would from Yamaha anyway. It might take a couple of years on here to understand that. Actually if you post your vin# here, I would bet it would be deciphered in no time, Good Luck


My bike actually shifts 1 down 3 up and always has since i've owned it. does that make

it a 4 speed? (actually a broken 5 speed) I hate to sound like a tard so Correct me if i'm wrong!!It will save me some money.thanks

What you need to do is what I originally suggested, and open up the right side of the engine and examine the operation of the shift cam and linkage. Given the number of these bikes that have had trouble with 5th gear, it's much more likely that yours is damaged than it is that it was ever one of the 20 or so 4 speed 426's that were ever built. There are also small portals in the right side of the crankcase through which you may be able to see either 5 gears on each shaft, or 3 shift forks, either one of which would make it a 5 speed.

Sounds like a mechanical problem to me. You would have your hands on a very very rare bird if it was really a true 4 speed.

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