5-Speed OR 4-Speed For A 2001 YZ426

I was going to have a ex-pro rider test it out and see if he notices any problems or clues to my transmission questiion. Since he has stopped riding pro he has turned to the mechanics side of racing. I know this won't technically prove my problem but like some of you have said maybe he can get some clues by how it shifts and how the speed. I honestly don't want to put it into the shop because I know the pirce tag will be great. If I must I must but right now it runs like a top and halls. This is my first big bike as well as a 4-stroke. Having that said my bike also has been re-toothed, I can't remember off hand what they are but I can find out and post the info.

I honestly don't think that this bike has a mechanical problem. The gentlemen I bought my bike from was really nice and took "REALLY" good care of this bike. He even told me upfront when I bought the bike that it was a 4-speed. Of course I thought this was strange and questioned him about it but if any of you would of meet this guy and looked at this bike when I bought it you would have the same thoughts about the bike and the previous owner.

I guess that's where we are at with this thread, I will put into the shop of I will tear the transmisison down to find a mechanical and ultimate answer to this question.

Is there a black oil filler cap on the ignition cover of your engine? (left side, near the cylinder)

What would that mean my yz250 has a black filler cap

What would that mean my yz250 has a black filler cap



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