Dan Lorenze take me back to Mojave

Dan, Consider it done!!!!! Sounds good to me. Im going to plan a ride in early January (if you can't go then catch me on the next ride). I've got a great loop that me and my friends ride all the time. We've spent countless hours and days exploring that whole area from Mojave to Jawbone Cyn. Their is some great riding up there if you know how to access the trails. By the end of the day even the best riders that I know have had enough. I'll keep you informed, just keep watching for the posts. :D:D:)

Hey Guys, count me in! Just let me know when and I will try to arrange it. I will need a bigger tank for that KTM though! :)

I Wanna go, Can I, Huh, Can I ??

Dates?? DEtails??

I used to ride there with some local racers in the '70's. Have only been once since windmills sprouted. Can't go until probably Feb due to other rides, and hunting trip planned in Jan. But I want to see the place again after all these years. I want my sons to experience it, too. How about Feb or March?

Any other takers?

Keep us posted Dan,i'll be there.


Me TOOO :):D

Guys, I will plan a ride and let you guys know when. I can promise a great ride to all!! Paul, No need to get a new tank, I'll carry extra gas for you!!! Keep checking new posts. :) I've got the Exxon Valdez IMS 4.0!!!!

I've been talking to some of the Nor. Cal guys and it sounds like were in also.


Any possibility of doing this ride (or another one) over Presidents Day? I'm a wuss and won't drive to Mojave for a regular weekend trip - a 3 day weekend is a differnt story.

Dan L - you wouldn't have any secret trails out of Dove Springs you'd be willing to share, would you? We'll be there 12/29 - 1/1 if anybody can make it.


Sounds good to me, Dan. Maybe Presidents' Day is a good weekend. You decide. I should be able to make it nearly any weekend with some notice. Looking forward to placing some faces with the names in TT.

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