2001 YZ 426 Opinions

looking for a play bike(trails mostly) i have a chance to buy a very very clean almost new 2001 yz426 for about $2900. Its be riden less than about 10 times. Is that a good price? I am an average aggressive 40yr old rider. If i ride more trails than MX tracks would i be better suited to look for a WR or put a flywheel weight on on a few other mods and be happy?

I have a 2001 426 and only ride trails. IMO, it works great as a trail bike without adding a flywheel weight. I like the lighter weight of the YZ compared to the WR and don't mind kick starting.

Definitely do the 450 cam mod if you get the YZ and you'll enjoy the bike much more.

The yz is an awsome bike. I have one in my garage right now just screamin my name, beggin to be ridden. If you are riding some tight single track trails or very technical stuff the YZ is gonna be a handful. Not that it is hard to handle it is just that 1st gear is too fast for trails and gearing down isnt really an option as 5th isnt all that fast. The WR gearbox is way better then the YZ's for tight stuff but... the YZ engine is way more fun then the WR's.

So its up to you really. If you are in a hurry to get a new bike go for the YZ. If you add a slipper clutch and flywheel weights you should be ok on the trails. If you can hold off and you do a lot of tight stuff you just may want to wait for a WR and try to mod it back to a YZ's engine specs. Or if you are really into tinkering you could just put the WR gearbox in the YZ and have the ultimate comprimise.

By the way I got mine for 2200 off ebay and it wasnt even past breakin yet. It still had the origional tires with the little nubbies on them and no scratches on it at all.

I love mine....very dependable...Im 47, average agressive..Ride tight singletrack...This bike is rarely in 5th....plenty fast...Lots of torque..Its been a good choice for me.

I have a 2001 YZ426 and that thing is a torque monster

just get on the gas and it goes

people will tell you it is old and out dated but that is not true might not win the supercross but it will hold its own

I ride trail and mine is stock except for a PMB spark arrestor and it is perfect I ride open trails tho not the super tight stuff

The price seems high. I ride my 426 in every conceivable type of riding and it does it all. Tight single track through mountains, open desert, MX tracks, HS, GP's. It's a bulletproof motor. Outdated? Bah. A few short years ago it was the premier motocrosser in the world. Maybe outdated if your RC or Bubba, but not for us mortals.

I'd get it and enjoy the reliablity of this bike. I am 50, ride MX but I am comfortable on trails with my 426 (02) I think you will like this bike.


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