Dead Battery?

So a few weeks ago I went riding and when I got home I put my 06' WR 450 away and forgot to turn it off. Next time out the battery was dead and I wasnt even close to get it started. I decided to jump start the bike by connecting it to the car and it turned on right away. :mad: I then hear that it is not a good idea to have connect it to the car because of the high amps a car battery has. A week later, battery is dead again so I buy a charger this time to charge. After fully charging the battery and trying to start my bike again nothing happens. :mad: Does anyone think I could have damaged the battery or electrical system by having had connect it to a car battery??

Nope, it was damaged by being flat(discharged) for too long....that's the quickest way to kill any battery.

Battery Tender Plus:

A must for all of our small battery off road e- start bikes:


As long as the car is not running, there is no problem using it to jump a bike or any other 12v system. Both have the same voltage, the amount of power used is determined by the load (the starter). A car battery will just crank a lot longer. Better to kill your battery than overheat the starter.


get yourself a battery tender, or the battery tender jr. after riding, you just plug it in. it charges the battery and turns itself off when the battery is done. it comes with a pig tail that you can attach to the battery, and hide under the plastic.

A week later, battery is dead again

Was this because you forgot to turn the switch off again. I ask because I have done that a few times. Is it just me that thinks this ignition switch is unnessasary. None of my friends bikes have switches. Does anyone know if it can be bypassed? Yes, I am absent minded.

I have killed the battery a few times but after I charge it up it is runs great.

perhaps when the voltage droped on the start system the amprage went up

this would have blown a fuse under the seat

Where is a good place to pick up a battery cheap? Dealer wants my first born in exchange! On some days I think I would be getting the better deal!!

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