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I would like to say that I joined TT so that I could learn good from bad and expand upon my pig knowledge, learn what works and what does not, maybe I wont have to make the same mistake, someone else made.

That said, I have reffered some poeple to a knowledgeable source that I have used and have felt good that I was helping someone find the quality parts they were looking for. However my references have caused me grief due to the fact that someone has decided that it was a scam, and reported it to our great moderator. First this person should of had the gumption to contact me, if he had a problem with a post. I would have given an honest and thorough explaination, as I try to do on all questions submitted.

People, this is America we have freedom of speech, if something is good you hear about it, If something is bad you hear about it twice as fast. So please if I make a mistake I will certainly admit it, If I give a referal it will no longer be a post where more than one may see it, it will be done through the private message system that is in place, and only at the receiver of the referals request. Well I got that off my chest. Please by all means give your responses to this. I think its a shame that I cannot refer someone to a qualified person because a non qualified person may loose a sale.

Here, here! Bravo! Well said!


how about not being so vague and actually tell us what happened. you decided to put this in a public forum so why not spill the whole story so we all know what is going on.

I don't think that that could have been said any better. Well said rebelventurer.

i feel so in the dark that everyone understands what this guy is talking about but me....:mad:

If I'm not mistaken it was about the XR's Only referal! I am glad for one to get this info on XR's Only as I looked all over the net for parts for my over the hill old XL600R which in the w.w.w. there are almost NO AFTERMARKET part for these bikes. Most companys quit making parts for bikes that are over 10 years old which sucks for those of us that like or cant afford a new bike. It was not a spam type of post just a simple referal to try and help out others that might be looking for parts.

You have our attention. Please give more details.

Re giving public referals, I've done that many times on this forum, its one of the powerful, useful aspects of any forum.

This forum is one of the best I've seen. Best way to keep it that way is keep to the truth.

So what are the facts?

Hey Rebel

Sorry to hear some jack"butt" reported you to the mods for what he didnt like, but what did the mods do? Hopefully nothing! Did they tell you to stop referring said vendor?

I dont understand why you will stop posting about this nice parts source because some wheenie complained, because i sure wont!

I actually just took your referral to RideAide and am very happy with him and his very fast service and will start/continue to refer people to him!

As far as i am concerned whoever said its a scam is a jack"butt" and can go pound sand! I dont know exactly what happened so you might wanna give more details! :mad:

I wouldnt change what you're doing, referring a good source of parts.

Hopefully the moderators arent giving you crap for this!

Anyway, thanks for the referral! It worked out great for me! :mad:

And YES, i will continue to REFER and support him as well, i dont really care if some dude has a stick in his butt about it! HA!

Also, give us more details on your situation, what part of you referring a good member/vendor for a nice discount is a "SCAM"?

Keep up the good work, this forum rocks! :mad:

p.s. sorry the structure of this post is all over the place and sounds like rambling, i had a hell of a day! :worthy:

Yes I totally agree about the service Rideaide provides is awsome! I ordered my full Exhaust for my bike from them, where it was discontinued by others. And had it in hand in a few days! I also just ordered my ceramic coated piston kit from them as well and super deal and fast service again! I would reccomend them all day to everyone!


People, this is America we have freedom of speech

As far as I can tell this does not include Thumpertalk. There is a lot of freedom here but it is not absolute. While it appears to be a public forum, the primary purpose is to draw people to the Thumpertalk store. The costs to run this site are not trivial. As such some things are restricted. It is not well documented what is OK and what is not. The limited documentation basicallly says anything the owners don't like is not OK. I understand where they are comming from and I can live with it.

I've recomended XR's only on several occasions, usually for machine work not parts. I usually add a line saying how some have had issues. I have also recommended Service Honda for good prices on OEM parts. I've never yet been hassled for doing so.

Here is all I could find as far as what's OK and what's not




The only thing that I can find there is that you can't promote your own store/business here. While not in these pages, some people have bought in and are allowed to post what are basically ads. When I first saw the guy who promotes the "how to fix your bike DVD's," I reported it. The powers that be said he paid a fee and was allowed to make posts that are basically ads for his products.

Well then maybe a membership is in need to keep this site running firm. I used to belong to another offroad site that is got to be one of the best Chevy 4x4 sites around and that would be ColoradoK5.com which had a $25.00 a year fee to be a registered member and have access to privy areas and sale forums, galleries, tech info, mods articles and such. then the rest of the forum was open to the public/guest, non members had limited reply and posting privalidges to certain areas of the forum, and did not have access to the members only topics or forums. I also belonged to several other car sites and the ones that had paid memberships usually had the best info and less problems with trouble makers. JMHO! I am not saying that this site needs paid memberships by any stretch, I have found a wealth of info here and most everybody here has been very helpful in everyway that I have needed.



Hey guys I work on bikes!

Okay guys here's the skinny, hopefully the great moderator will not remove the post as he did with my other. A person had posted about their PC exhaust being loud, another had said they were getting a big gun. I responded that pc had inserts to quiet the can and repack and such. Then I suggested that the big gun buyer may want to reconsider due to the inferior quality and fit etc... I reccomended the xrs only exhaust, and rideaide@hotmail.com as a source for said product, stating that he was honest and reliable etc...The next day I was SHOCKED to see a private message from the great moderator, telling me he had removed a post, because it had been reported as a scam. I imediately sent the mod a PM requesting info. which I think I have the right to know, which post, and who reportedit etc... well in the mean time I figured out which post it was and reposted a little differently. The next day I get a PM from the moderator saying that he had gotten another pm from the guy that reported the "SCAM" and that it would be best if I did not advertise on TT forums. Yet would not reveal the identity of the reporter.

In conclusion I feel that a "referal" or word of mouth experience is one of our first amendment rights, and feel violated that I can not say buy from this guy he treated me right when I did. If TT is going to get all hung up over this because big gun is an advertiser, they take $30 worth of pipe and sell it for $500, and advertise with TT, have huge profit margins but are selling junk there crazy I see a snake, I'm hollering "snake, dont step on it it bites".

There is no need to gripe...There are rules ..If a mistake happens or something you don't like ...Let us know....

Alright, so we have a commercial website, funded with profits from the site's store. Welcome to the world wide web. I must personally admit I had forgotten the TT Store connection. Shame on me. :banana:

So I can see where TT might get a little disappointed with us / me sending guys elsewhere to buy parts. Their reaction seems reasonable to me. :mad: I might add that I used TT's store early on when I first got my 650 and they were nothing but pleasant to deal with and low-cost to boot. No, I'm not kissing-butt here, have no need to, just making sure we all have the relavent facts and perspective.

As I have said many times, this Honda 600/650 Forum is heads and shoulders above some of the other TT forums in terms of minimal pissing and moaning ans sniping each other. We are all just adults in love with The Mighty Pig, and 99.9% of the time that's what we like to talk about. :mad: :mad: :worthy:

I will put my money where my mouth is: I happen to be in the immediate market for DS tires for The Pig, I just did a quick check of the TT store's prices. They're a bit higher than what I've found elsewhere, BUT... TT has a "110% Low Price Guarantee" so I'm gonna test it. If TT matches the price of other reputable sites (vs a LittleBillysDirtBikeTires.com) I'll keep my business here. Why not?

And I would humbly suggest we all show a bit more patronage and maybe even do a bit of bragging on 'em when they do us good, nothing wrong with that.

Now, let me please ask that we get back to "our regularly scheduled program".

Ride safe, all. :ride:

Where did I leave that remote...OK..regular programming, back up and runnin

:mad: :mad:

I am not trying to rag about TT store but I was just there and really didnt see much in the listings for old dirt bikes just a few items, although there were a couple of kool things. I just dont see the TT store being a full service bike store or is there something I'm missing????If so please fill me in as I would like to see more if there is more. And once again in the oem parts section it only goes back 1999! It is like TT store only caters to the yuppies that can afford the new bike in my humble opinion. Please shed some light here.


As I have said many times, this Honda 600/650 Forum is heads and shoulders above some of the other TT forums in terms of minimal pissing and moaning ans sniping each other. We are all just adults in love with The Mighty Pig, and 99.9% of the time that's what we like to talk about. :mad: :mad: :mad:


that is so true... it is a different kind of person that owns a 650 mainly no kids. it pains me everytime i need to go to the pitbike forum and ask a question or if i am just in a reading mood. just recently i wanted to read up on the new crf150 in that forum and it is just to painful. to many kids getting way to far off topic.

I was just there and really didnt see much in the listings for old dirt bikes just a few items, although there were a couple of kool things. I just dont see the TT store being a full service bike store or is there something I'm missing????If so please fill me in as I would like to see more if there is more.


You are right, when you first visit the store its not real intuitive how to get around. The trick for me is to click on Off-road (or what ever category you're looking for) on the left side column. Then click Browse By Category (or brand name or whatever...). Then you're on a page that lists the parts or accessory categories you need. Seems to be pretty complete list and most categories contain a broad selection of manufacturers. Or, if you're lazy like me just call their 800 number. :mad:

What I like is their "low price guarantee". According to their policy the lowest-price guarantee "...does not cover OEM Parts or bikes, tires, a vendor's clearance items, labor items, items sold at wholesale/membership clubs or products sold on Internet auction sites..." That still leaves a pretty big chunk of stuff they will meet best-price on.

Just to test their price I selected the GPR V2-Pro steering stabilizer (includes a billet Applied Racing top tripple clamp). 3 years ago I bought this same item (from a different vendor...) and paid $590 with shipping. TT Store's price with shipping today is $629. Not bad. Their garantee says you find it cheaper somewhere else they'll match it.

Like I said in an earlier post, I've used them before and got good service and the best price. Then I didn't any need parts for several months afterwards and just forgot all about the store... my bad.

I found all that! I know how to search the site pretty well I think:excuseme: :mad: . It just doesnt support the OLDER bikes:thumbsdn: ! 95' thats the oldest year I could find in the parts section. I think this is a tradgedy:cry: , but I guess next year I am definitely buying 03-07 XR650L:ride: just to be able to keep up with the Jones figuratively speaking. It just doest seem fair that we cant find good aftermarket parts for these out dated bikes:thumbsdn: :mad: . JMHO!


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