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I found all that! I know how to search the site pretty well I think:excuseme: :mad: . It just doesnt support the OLDER bikes:thumbsdn: ! 95' thats the oldest year I could find in the parts section. I think this is a tradgedy:cry: , but I guess next year I am definitely buying 03-07 XR650L:ride: just to be able to keep up with the Jones figuratively speaking. It just doest seem fair that we cant find good aftermarket parts for these out dated bikes:thumbsdn: :mad: . JMHO!


Yeah, you are absolutely right about the older-parts issue. No question, that's a bummer for sure.

I have all my stuff covered now through Rideaide.

LandsharkGT I was kinda in the same boat as you a few months ago, Recently bought an 04 650L. Lots of parts options now. I have a 1987 XL600R For sale.

Just not mutch in the way of aftermarket parts for the older bikes. But the button is kinda nice.:mad:

frankstr, please do not confuse stating the facts for a gripe. My initial post mentioned no names and was vague, but the points were made. I was asked to give the whole story and did so accurately. I still would like to know who reported my post as a scam. I have also referred people to the TT store, just the other day someone was looking for a kickstand, even though they did not post their exact model. I knew from experience that the billet aluminum stand for the Suzuki DRZ400 will fit all models of the BRP even the old outdated ones that you cant get parts for. With no modifications needed. Also the TT store has good prices on skid plates for about all models, however I have not seen any posts saying how good they are? Alright back to the speed channel, I think the Baja race is on with no commercials and onboard cameras etc....:mad:

pigryder, lets just delete your last six posts, someone said your a scammer!!!

Now how does it feel?

And its poop, not what you said!

And you are soo curious

OK Guys , I did not mean to cause a pissing match here..

I re read the guide lines of the rules...:mad:

Maybe it is not spam...:mad:

I'm not really sure..I did not want to ..possible spam crap

It got reported that way...I did what I thought needed to be done..

And we really don't need any :mad::worthy: around here....


I dont think anyone is saying you did not do your job. I think Rebleventure just want to know WHO was reporting him as a spaminator. And I agree this thread is getting old. I just wanted it known that OLDER bikes are not easy to find hi-perf parts for, and when someone or a company can get parts for these said dinosaurs I for one will try to pass on the info so others that are looking to build can benefit from this knowledge of where to get these parts. I like what I see in the TT Store, I just dont have new enough bike yet to utilise the TT Store. And yes I would recommend the TT Store for the NEWER bikes!


Yes I agree this is getting old........

You can't have everything all the time, right when you need it....:mad:

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