Silencers What's quiet and better

After reading the other threads regarding the debate on noise and the new California restrictions, I wanted to focus on what technology is currently available and how to test db levels.

I have a FMF Powerbomb header and Stroker Exhaust/Arrestor. I have access to a db meter but what proceedure will the California enforcement people be using- i.e rpm, distance, angle, etc.

Next, what are some of the products currently available and the pros/cons regarding weight and performance compared to stock. Would stock meet the db limit?

Next, does anyone have a link to the specific law, timetable for enforcement, and other details.


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The Jan(?) issue of DirtRider has a decent little article on the noise tests. The Rangers at Middle Creek (NorCal) looked up in their handy little book the test rpm for the given bike, used a vibration tach to monitor rpm and measured dBA at a distance of 20 inches from the exhaust outlet @45 deg (~4 o'clock as I was sitting on the bike) from the bike. My '99 WR400 with stock exhaust/Thumper Racing insert measured 95dBA. The 'A' scale is the mathmatical 'weighthing' that most closely represents human hearing.


It is definately not the White Bros E-Series for the Quiet....But it Kicks A$$ in the HP dept.

Bonzai :)

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