Motard Question????

Can some of you guys explain tome the fascination of turn a dirt bike into a sport bike?:mad: Why not just buy a sport bike? :mad: Or have I just been away for too long from the dirt bikes that I missed out on something??? :worthy: I mean they look kool and all.:mad:

because a motard you can jump loading docks, slide around corners more easily, and when you go oops, its usually slower(30 to 40mph instead of 60++) and the bike dosn't get as broken. Also a wheelie/stoppie fiend. at least thats what I saw on my DRZ full conversion, and the a WR that I just did the rims/brakes on.

When things go bad, you have more options. For example, a converted dirt bike will go over a curb a lot easier than any steet bike.

And who really needs to go 150mph?

And who really needs to go 150mph?

that is the major thing... speeds that are way more usable. plus the bikes are cheaper to buy in the first place.

Its all about the power/weight ratio. Dirt bikes are much, much lighter and more agile than sport bikes. And you don't need 180 hp to have fun.

I see! So it is kinda of like crossover to the Supersport road race class without the expense of the high dollar multicylinder bikes. Like pitbike racing?

Why not? As mentioned it (usually) costs less & you've got the upright dirt bike riding position, less weight, maybe not as dangerous & the "cool" factor is also there.

The way I see it is it's just another way to enjoy the ride. Riding on two wheels, whether it be dirt, street or a combination of both will always be fun. At least for me it is...

...all of the above, plus...

Call me a jerk, but I also get a hoot out of all the stares I get... "What iiiiizzz that thang?!"

I can ride my 650R motard around for 1 hour and get more double-takes than I get on my custom, costs-4-times-as-much Harley, in a week.

Plus, for me, its an amazing contrast in bikes: an 800-lb MotherShip with luggage for a family of 4 (and bring along 3 dogs), or an 280-lb ride-anywhere, do-anything, X-Wing Fighter.

Going back and forth between those two Jekyll and Hyde bikes is a real experience.

That was a good analigy(sp)!

Thanx for that info!!!! <-education for those not in the SM Know.

SM is awesome!

but web sites that make you register to see any of the forum posts suck :mad:

but web sites that make you register to see any of the forum posts suck :mad:

See there we go things are not free in life, just a little hunt & pecking to register. Ouch! Man!:mad:

I don't want to join a club I know nothing about. that simple.

yep,i agree with all of the above!..and i find i can kick booty on anything on the tight coast roads where i live,you have the ability to switch l to rt. really fast!...if you want to see something really cool out of the box check out the aprilia bikes! i used to ride short track,and these bikes are lower and have the rake of a flat tracker..i want one!!

Ill add this since I have had both a sportbike (many) and now have my second motard. On the twisties I can spank ALL my old riding buddys who use to be able to keep up with me when I rode 90% on the GSXR. And, I can ride right by a cop and he doesn't even cast a look in my direction. I also can bail off the Supermoto and do 20 bucks worth of damage which I fix with sandpaper, or have the GSXR fall over in a arkinglot and do thousands of dollars of damage which I would have to fix so I didn't look like a squid. Plus, the motard costs about $280.00 per year for full coverage, the GSXR was over a grand for bare minimum.

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