ZipTy Racing carb mod

Has anyone had their carb modified by ZipTy racing?

I didn't even know they offered it...

Didn't know that they did carb modifications???? I thought they just sold parts.

What exactly do they do to the carb, and what are the results?

What exactly do they do to the carb, and what are the results?

Dunno...that's kinda why I asked the question.

I spoke to them the other day and I know that they're using the FactoryPro emulsion tubes...,needles,emulsion_tubes,pilot_jets.htm

Other than that I'm not sure. He said they tweak it but wasn't very forthcoming on what they did. If they've got some tricks I don't blame them for not wanting the whole world to know.

I never got around to calling them like I hoped to, but I know what that is lastchild. I put that mod into our 04 yz250f's.

That is a mod that replaces the emulsion tube for a more efficient one. Look at the "High Dispersal Jet" clip about 1/2 way down the page. Thats the result from the mod. It's really surprising at how well the "mod" emulsion tube works. The main jet dropped from a 178 to a 138 on the 250's and thats a huge change. The goal of the new emulsion tube is to do a better job of dispersing the liquid fuel into more of a gaseous vapor so more of it can attach to oxygen molecules and burn when ignited.

I did it originally to get more range on a tank of gas so when we were riding harescrambles we wouldnt have to pit. It worked out great too, we went from 2 - 3 laps to 3 - 4 laps and that was just enough. The power increased somewhat throught out the rpm range as well.

I guess I will have to call them now. I definitely want that for our 450's.

Edit: here the link for the 450's at FactoryPro. You can buy the kit yourself and do the mod. The price will be the same if you buy their titanium needle (I do suggest that), but the mod only takes like 30 minutes tops, so you wont be rideless for days waiting on ziptye. Feel free to ask any questions as I have done this twice to our 250's.

So basically, after reading that last site, it sounds like ZipTy is just installing this kit in the carbs they are sent, since the price is the same. Well, when the snow flies here, I may just send them my carb and have them do it to see how it works.

Looks like it to me. Be aware that you have to drill out the main air jet passageway, so it is a no-return to oem mod. But it does work great and is well worth the money.

The kit itself gives you several main jets for tuning it, I dont know if zipty does.

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