FMF Titanium Q For 06 wr450 will this fit?

YAMAHA YZ450F'03-05/WR450F'03-06 TI-Q S/A MUFFLER

Product #: 044075

I filled out the product finder for my 06 on the site and this muffler came up but the title says fits to 05. It has the same part number as the above description so I think it will fit.

Titanium Q

Yamaha YZ/WR 450F 03-05

Prod # 044075

Alot of items in my parts catalogs say they fit to 05. I didnt think that much was different on the 06 so what gives... I found this muffler for 250.00 so if it fits I may get it. Thanks

Yeah mate, it will fit. :mad:

'05-'06 are essentially the same bikes. The only fitment differences are involved with rear swingarm and brake caliper...SC

Thanks I was thinking that my catalogs were printed before the manufactures updated the print but I wanted to check to be sure.

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