November 1st Ride Report

Quite possibly the last ride of the year, I managed to play hooky and get out mid-week for a great Fall ride. Y'all can check out the ride report on our local forum:

Nov. 1st Ride Report

I laid my WR down, launched it actually, but luckily it was a nice soft landing.


Thanks for the update spick, My last ride was almost a month ago, we are on snowmobile now :cheers:

No need for sleds yet. Here's last weeks ride. A real wet one.

this weekend might be shaping up for another outing too if the weather holds.

Awsome pics, that looks like a great area, I am sort of envious except that its going to be sunny and 85 degrees this weekend, oh well I guess I'll just go for a ride..............

stop teasing us yz, LoL, it's freezing rain here and snow on the ground, I love my snowmobiling, but miss my bike very very much.

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