Ohlins or Scotts

I guess most of you know that the Scotts steering stabiliser is actually made by Ohlins of Sweden. So...as I have bought Taffy's old Scotts and it needs a bit of an overhaul (I knew before I bought it) has anybody in Europe had any joy with working with Ohlins on the Scotts damper ?

Knowing the way Taffy seems to tinker and "re-design" :) things, its probably got zero original components in it.

Missile, Do you know what needs to be done to the unit? If it need an oil change you could do it yourself. If Scotts works on it it will cost at least 90.00usd plus shipping.

Hey you Euros....Ohlins service dept in Switzerland will service my Scotts damper. Have no idea of the cost yet but I'll let you know. Check out your own local Ohlins service. Here is the Ohlins web site. ohlins

Dan...I HATE fiddling with oil....I have mountain bikes with hydraulic brakes and I invariably spray myself with the /&%"%ing stuff. Plus there's a few custom Taffy mods been done....bent knob etc so a full review is needed.

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