Tight intake valves?

I've got 10K desert miles on my xr650r.

Both intake valves have been tight on the last 3 adjustments. Is this normal or a sign of bad things to come?

Bike starts first kick and runs strong.

most bikes tighten and the valve seats in the head it pushes the stem up decreasing your clearance.

unless it happens fast and they get really tight it is normal.

It is not uncommon for XR intake valves to "tulip". As the valves sink into the seats, the clearance goes away and eventually the intakes are held slightly open, symptom is low compression & hard starting. The valves being tight 3 times in succession, I think I would consider replacing them.

How often do you adjust the valves? I do mine every 1000 miles and they're tight. Bike has 17k desert miles and runs fine.

The last 3 adjustments we at about 1300 miles intervals. They were tight each time.

I just did the first adjustment on mine this week. It's an 05 650r with 1000miles on it. The intakes and exhausts were all tight. I couldn't even get the 020 into the ex side. I left them just a bit loose and it fired up and ran and idled fine. I ride with a bunch of xr guys and they swear that the factory sends them tight to seat. But also that it's OK to run them a little loose. I'm not even gonna check em again till about 500 miles or so.

I just did mine for the first time as well, this is after around a 1000miles also, one intake and one exhaust were barely tight, I could still get the feeler in there but it dragged more than I like, I adjusted all 4 to be a hair on the loose side.

I do mine every 7-900 miles. I'll usually fine the intakes .001" tight. Sometimes one side or the other will be fine but at least one is usually a smidge tight. The exhaust side doesn't usually move.

Maintaning excellent air intake filtration is one of the best things you can do to keep intake valves alive.

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