Service Honda...Acewell Speedo...

I ordered the unit for my XR650L 8/18...still on back order

Anybody else waiting? I've never used Service Honda before but every time I call they have absolutely no update, or even a story, just back ordered...

I'm pretty sure they get them from ElectroSport Industries and the last story I got from them was they were trying out the Speedo drive cables for this thing worth the wait???


I just got the acewell 3700H from service honda, I did'nt see anywere to order it on electrosports web site, you may be best to order it from electrosport because i asked service honda were i could get a 4 hole mount like in this photo .read down the thread

And they dont have it, so the guy who has it says he got his from electrosport and asked for thr 4 hole mount.

it comes with a 3 hole mount and will have to be off center

read my post at crf's only

I have been dailing in my 450X and going to instal the acewell and a dual sport kit

I bought the Service Honda speedo a while back. The speedo itself is great, but it's got about the same features as the new Trailtech. The XR speedo drive cable didn't fit right on mine, it works and meshes with the tab that spins around, but it didn't fit in far enough to lock in with the screw. I've got it jimmy rigged on there and it's been fine. I would order another one if this one broke. Or give the Trailtech a shot, it's cheaper, but requires the magnet on the brake rotor, which I wanted to avoid...

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