Brighter bulb for WR

I'm going to Baja next week and I'm thinking I could use a little brighter of a light. I'm taking the trusty WR426.

Is there a bulb upgrade that would work with my bike in it's current stock form? I mean without upgrading the stator or spending $300 or more on a big Baja light.

I'm not planning on riding in the dark, but you know how that goes.:mad:

Thank for the input.

any H4 bulb will fit, 55w is the stocker so an 80w will work nicely.

I know of people using 100w with no problems too.

I did on my 05. I replaced the stock with one that's about 30% brighter (still 55w). much better now. Like Alley Cat said if you have a H4 bulb you have a few options.

I also run a helmet light from cyclops hooked up to the battery. Much easy to deal with the whoops in San Felipe or that old tug boat down in San Quintin that everybody passes right by.

FYI An H4 bulb is also referred to as a 9003 or an HB2.

have a safe trip and enjoy:thumbsup:

I put a PIAA 80/80 in my 01 WR426. Its like friggin daylight out front.

A good headlight is a must, the stock Yamaha unit works well. A more powerful bulb is a cheap way to go for more light. After last weekends race I am going to get the Cyclops battery pack to go with my light. That way when the bike dies or wires fry I can still have light.

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