Extra cable into clutch perch???

I have an 06 WR 450 and cannot figure out what the third cable does that goes into the clutch perch. I am trying to figure out if I need this with my new levers I want to put on. what does it do?Thanks in advance.


the "third cable" is the wires to your clutch switch.........you don't need that, or maybe you do.

doesn't look much like a cable to me...............

I don't have that bike, but I'm guessin' that one of those 'cables' runs switch that allows the electric start to work. I don't believe you can start the bike without the clutch pulled in?? Disconnect it and see if you can still e-start you bike. This is my guess??

It plugs in and my brother broke his off and we had no clue what it did. His bike had no issues all weekend.

Would that be the hot start lever?

hot start is the "2nd" cable going ot the LH side.

It's there to prevent you starting/cranking the motor while in gear with the clutch disengaged.

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