Prescription Goggles

Are any of you guys using Pro-vue or 888rxgoggles prescription lenses? How are they? Are they worth the money?

I'm planning on Lasik surgery in the next couple of years, but would like something like these for the time being. I just spent a weekend in Glamis, and sand dunes and contacts don't mix.

I would normally post this in the General forum, but I prefer hearing from the WR bunch. The General forum is full of punk kids. This forum is a little more mature.

I've been wearing contacts for 15 years. If your getting stuff in your goggles look at different goggles. The only thing that really bothers me is too much air movement. Dry contacts suck. Almost as much as cleaning fog and dirt off prescription lenses of any kind.

I too wear contact. But on occasion, I wear my glasses.

I opted NOT to get the Pro-Vue lenses. Instead I bought a set of glasses just for riding. The frame is much smaller and thinner. My goggle fit over them nicely.

With the Pro-Vue's, you'd still have to keep your glasses with your for when you take your helmet off.

I agree with the statement on the contacts. When I wear them, dust isn't the problem. Its that my eyes get really dry. I have to keep re-wetting drops with me.

Before spending big buks on the pro-vue's, just get a small frame for your glasses.

I use the Scott OTG (Over the Glasses) models and they work very well. I use my everyday glasses and have not had an issue with dirt or anything else messing them up.

I also use the Roko quick goggle strap so if they begin to fog up at all, its easy to take the goggles on and off.

I've been using the provues for a couple of years and I am happy with them, the quality is good and I have'nt had any problems at all. They took a little getting used to at first but soon I was very comfortable


Contacts here. I snowmobile too and glasses under goggles just don't work.

thanks for the feedback.

i'm fine in the dirt with my contacts, but the sand is another story. the fine sand in the dunes is tough with contacts, and i'd like to use the goggles for winter too.

i think i'll get me some prescription goggles.

With all the riding, grinding, sawing, skiing and other things I do, I just wear expensive, comfortable glasses all the time. My glasses have saved my eyes many times as evidenced by the divots in the lenses :mad: I don't race either so I don't have need for goggles.

I like the

The reason was they are held in with pressure instead of a screw. Means I can switch to whatever goggles I want with the lens and cleaning them is very easy.

I need to look at a few options as well as my eyes are not what they used to be. Probably try the small lense galsses idea first though.

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