rear light problems...

on my bike there is a black, a blue and a yellow wire coming from the tail light and only a black and a blue coming from the bike. the light wasn't working with the blues and blacks hooked up so i disconnected the blue wires and pluged the yellow one into the blue coming from the bike. my tail light is now really bright like the brakes are on.

where does the yellow brake wire come from on the bike? and why wouldn't the blue wire have power going to it? i started to tare apart the wiring but thought it would be better to ask here first.



First there are two wires and two filiments in the tail light bulb. the blue wire is the tail light (running light) and the yellow is the Brake light wire which is not connected to anything under the seat. the black wire is the ground wire for both.

First how do you know there is no power in the blue wire? there is power and the bulb is burned out. by connecting the yellow wire you proved that there is power and you also proved the ground side is working.

Replace the bulb (put the wires back to normal) :mad:

The yellow wire would be connected to a brake switch and then to power if your bike had come equipped with a brake switch but it did not. then when you applied the brake the brake light would light up.:mad:

so your saying that just one of the filiments (running light) is burned out? where can i get the brake light switch from so i can actually have it?

ps i'm going to get my bike plated when i move to AZ next year

Yes one filament in the bulb is burned out (the filament you have been using)

try 12-0104 part number.:mad:

I would wait and do the entire DS kit at one time since it comes with detailed instructions and power supply wires you will also need for the job. You may want to search the forum since there is lots of info on this subject.:mad:

Trick dual sport kits are popular on this forum as well.:mad:

cool thanks, did you get your bike plated out of state first then transfer it over? cause thats what i plan on doing next year.

No I got the paper work done and in before the 1/2004 deadline

If you are considering doing that there is a lot of information to read if you search this forum.

Good Luck.

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