Nology coil for the R.

Hey Y'all,

Has anyone tried one of the Nology coils for the Xr650r? Does it fit under the tank without needing to modify the bike any? Thanks, Tony

It does not fit were the stock coil goes. Mine is bolted further back and is over the intake valve caps.


Do you have a picture of where it is mounted? Also are you impressed with it? Thanks, Tony

I added it the same time I went to 680cc so, it is hard to tell how much it helps.


There is some tab off the frame there, with a hole in it that does nothing. I bolted the coil there and it works great there. I have to remove it to adjust the intake valves. It is only one bolt so, real easy to remove. Doesn't move even with the hardest racing.

Thanks Bwb,

No I just need to decide when in my lists of I wants it fits. Thanks, Tony

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