Pastrana Bend Recall

Any of you riding Pastrana Bend beware, there is a recall of the bars according to Scotts where I tried to purchase them.

Are they going into early retirement?

Bonzai :)

Cool, a new set of bars. I'll call Scott's tomorrow.

For those of you being "hosed" by this recall...

If anyone's interested in purchasing my custom "Larry Haynes bend" bars, they're for sale dirt cheap! Specially-engineered by yours truly...having been through quite a few crash "tests". The manufacturing process is a lengthy one...consisting of dumping one's bike over 100+ times to the right side...

They're especially good for people who's right arm is 3" shorter than their left...

The starting bid is $0.50...

No new bars for me. Here's what they said:

There has not been an official recall on the

Pastrana bar. There were few sold that we not to specifications. You can check the bar yourself

to see if it is ok or you can send the bar to us and we can inspect it. The problem with the bar was that it was not straight when mounted from perch to perch. It had a little bit of a bow. Make sure your bar is flat and mounts flush in both perches. If need more assistance please call me at 818-248-6747.

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