yz450 handles and feels like a 250f

Is this true? I am in the market to buy a new bike. I weigh 150 pounds and race in the plus 40 intermediate class. Can anyone tell me if the 450 really feels that light. This is a major dilemma for me cuz I dont have one to try. I know I can handle the 250f no problem but I really like the idea of the extra power of the 450. At my weight holeshots will be great but I once rode a 426 and it felt like a tank with uncontrolable power in comparison with my 2001 250f I owned at the time (vortex dr. d pipe etc.). Here is what I'm thinking my 01 250f weighed about what the new 07 450f weighs and with the new smooth powerband the magazines keep talking about I should be OK.

What do you guys think?

Oh Yeah will I have to change the springs?

Thanks in advance,


You had to change the springs in your 250F, didn't you? Yes, you should change the springs.

But the information you have about the new YZ450 handling like your 250F is wrong. I have one of each, so I know. The new YZ450 handles better. Significantly better. It feels like a 250 two-stroke the way it turns in. It's one of the easiest bikes to ride I've ever been on. The power is a factor, but the power delivery is very smooth and linear, and in that sense, it's a lot like your 250F...there's just a lot more of it. But you can still bust into it with less concentration on throttle control than previous YZ426/450's have required. It's nothing, nothing at all, like the 426 you rode. Except for the fast part.

I have heard that the extra rotating mass creates a dificult situation for slowing down and turning. Possibly after the holeshot into a first turn. Is this true or better yet would it be that different from a 0/07 250f?

Thanks again.

Rotating mass, and the gyroscopic effect that it has, has no effect on braking. It resists only changes in the axis that the mass rotates around. In the case of a crankshaft, that would mean that it resists the bike being leaned over. But two-strokes have crankshafts and flywheels, too, and they have the same effect. It makes a wonderful theory to suggest that the "extra" rotating mass in a thumper causes sluggish handling, and it made a handy excuse to explain the reluctance to turn that the older YZF's displayed, but the idea tends to disintegrate rapidly the first time you ride one of the newer YZ450's.

The Honda CRF450 is a very, very good MX bike, and it is nothing if not nimble. There is a reason that at least ten guys in this forum said goodbye to their CRF in favor of the new YZF's.

All you have to do is ride one once. Then, you'll know.

I couldnt believe how well my 2007 yz turned when i first rode it!To put it simply...just point the front fender the direction that you want to go and it goes that way!Feels very light too.

My kids 07 actually feels about 3 or 4 pounds lighter than our 04 250F's. The center of gravity is a lot lower feeling in the bike letting it turn easier too. I am really surprised at how much better handling the 07 450 is than the 05. I hated the 05, and grin like a racoon on the 07.

I just picked up my white 07 yesterday. And it is also lean as all get out like the blue one is. Both really need to idle up to keep from having a bog blipping the throttle. and both back fire like crazy while decelerating. I havent looked at either ones jetting (hopefully this weekend), however I did see ziptie is offering a mod to stop the back firing. I plan to call them tomorrow and see if they will tell me what the mod involves.

My 06 YZ450F is so much better than my 04 CRF250R could even be of dreaming....but I have no idea how to describe it! :mad:

It accelerates, turns, stops, jumps....heck sometimes I think it could clean itself it really wanted too.

There is no comparison in the overall quality of riding on this bike.

I only weigh 140 lbs, and have had the springs swapped and re-valved...so I'm sure that has alot to do with it.

The power delivery is so linear it's scray, almost like an electric motor. You can come out of turn almost going sideways and still have enough left to clear the next jump.

The only part that sucks, when you loading it up in the truck after a day at the track, and waiting till next time.

NDC what level rider are you? does it tire you out?

I ... grin like a racoon on the 07.
There it is, right there. I start laughing out loud by the 4th lap. Glad to see you get one you like.

My '06 had excessive decel backfire when we took delivery, too. And you know I say excessive because I happen to think that a little bit some of the time is an indication that the jetting is right. Before we put any serious time on it all, I swapped out the #42 pilot for a 45, and the popping is gone unless I run the fuel screw pretty well in and run at sea level on a cool day. With yours having a 45 already, I'd guess the '07 pipe has something to do with it, but it may take to a 48 pretty well.

I came from a yz250 2 stroke 2001. And my 06 yz450 handles just as well if not better. And thats honest, because i am a die hard 2 stroker.

OK Guys,

After lots of reading on thumpertalk and anywhere else on the net and in magazines I'm going for it without ever riding one. I hope its the right decision.

I just put down a deposit on a white 450f. The dealer said it was due in october and should be here in a week or two.

Thanks for the input.

When I look at my white one it reminds me of Kimba the white lion. It's one of the coolest color schemes I have seen yet, but the graphics are just this side of gay. :mad:

I would look into the doug henry graphics, they make the bike look tough somehow.


When I finally get one for me, I'm going with the Henry kit. But I want a front fender sticker that says, "TWO" :mad:

The cool thing about the '06+ bikes is that since the tank is neutral in the color scheme, you can switch "flavors" quickly and easily, and reasonably cheaply, anytime and as often as you want.

the tank is black in the 06 right? it is in the 07 as well. I will be swapping the kids blue plastics on his for 06 yellow ones. yech. :mad:

I may get a custom decal that says, "yes I'm the last one." :mad:

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