Painted frame

Hi, I have a XR650R and want to paint or powdercoat the frame black. Has anyone done this and does anyone have any pics to show. Thanks

Beware of powdercoating!!! I just had mine done and it was a costly mistake. As you know it is a dry sump engine, if the openings are not sealed with bolts or welded shut temporarily then sand will get in! I found that out the hard way. The powder coater here in Houston assured me that they will mask it off well and that no sand will get in. in fact, they asked me to remove the oil filler dipstick and oil strainer screen even though i asked to leave it in because sand might get in. Bad advice, They just wanted my business. They still do not admit to the botch job and false re-assurance they gave me. Not even a partial refund. I had the oil frame reline with Kreem after rinsing it several times with hot saopy water, diesel, alcohol, etc...Ask your P.C. first if they guarantee that sand will not get in and get it in writing if i were you. Do a search then you'll read some horror stories about it. I didn't so here i am telling you guys about it.

I know it's a lot more work... but I swear by the PJ1 three step system.

Steel brush on a drill, steel wool and Scotch bright pads will get the frame

clean, then wash it at least twice with hot soapy water and scrub it, to make

sure it's clean, squeaky clean. I even use brake cleaner to degrease

the frame.

Then prime it, paint it, and clear coat it..... and after all that, after a few

good mud rides, it rubs the paint off again anyway :mad:

If your wanting black anyway, then I'd try POR-15. If you apply it correctly, its hella tough.

Yep that por-15 is the toughest paint like coating I have ever used. I use it on my trail only jeep bumpers and rocker guards. Only problem is it is not U.V. stable If sunlight can get to it you have to top coat it or it will turn to chaulk. Use it like a primer though and you will never see metal again. I bounce the jeep off rocks and it hardly scatches it.

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