Shift lever costs $70 !!!

:mad: Bent my shift lever on my 06 WR450, last time out, tried screwing around with getting it bent back. But the tolerances are so close that can't seem to get it right. Anyway got tired of #$^%ing with it and decided to just order another one. Checked the price and they want $70 for this little sucker. &%$#@!!!!!:mad:

Sunline sells them on ebay for $20. They are of reasonable quality.

I have big feet so i went with and aftermarket atv shifter which is about 1.5 inches longer. I don't remember the brand but was about $25.:mad: :mad:

See if hammerhead has them in stock. They are much better than stock. Just as expensive, but much higher quality.

Yamaha of San Antonio has em for like 20 bucks!

cut the lever down where the rubber protector is on the lever.

There is a threaded hole for the brake adjuster that u can use and stick a 8/32 x 3 inch machine screw (found at local hardware store).

Screw it in, wrap some duct tape and then some hockey tape to preffered thickness and voila...brand spanking new lever for 45 cents.

I believe a little swiss army knife with a little hacksaw blade and a couple of these screws will help ya big time in the bush if you happen to brake your lever.

been using this for quite some time.... works great.

I used a very small 1/4 inch drive socket pinched between the bolt and the shifter, works great

Buy a Sunline - only twenty-something dollars from the TT Store. Beautiful fit and finish, can't beat the value for the dollar:thumbsup:

44$ at oem TT store

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