How well does the 06 450f start hot?????

I often find myself facedown on the side of a rutted out, roots every where, monster hill. But i always know my trusty 2 stroke will kick right back to life. Thinking of going to a 06 450 f though, how do they start hot after being dumped???????:mad:

I know perty well unfortunately.....I give it about 4 quick kicks then pull the hot start nice long kick or two and it has started every time.

I've riden my bike while it was 110 outside, needless to say the bike is going to run a little hotter than normal, with that in mind I have never used the hot start yet, and it doesn't take me more than two kicks (ever) to get it started.

My old CRF450 I used the hot start on a few occasions, basically what I'm saying is that if your bike doessn't kick after a couple, then use the hot start and your good to go. Good luck with your desision.

It will usually behave on the restart. If you don't pick it up right away it may be more difficult.

Ours starts easily in any condition compared to my '03 (even though I have that bike pretty well "dialed")

Mine always starts within the first 2 kicks. I dont really know how to use a hot start yet, coming from a 2 stroke. So basically i am saying i have not had to use it yet lol. And i do fall often.

my 06 450 is MUCH easier to start after a fall / stall than the 03 YZ250f that i was jetted perfectly (dyno tuned) too.

Mine has started more than once by just sitting my foot on the kickstarter. Just barely touched the kickstarter and it kicked through and fired up.

Hot starting is not a problem.

Hot starts are usually one kick. After I dump it, it usually never takes more than 4-5.

I rember racing my '01. If that thing fell over and died, the next moto could be coming off the line before you got it going again. Tired legs and the kicking routine on that thing are not something I miss.

Don't believe that the new 4 strokes are hard to start. IMO much easier than a two stroke. Hot starting never more than two kicks even after a nasty end swapping flip.

I agree with these guys..This thing always starts after 1-3 kicks.

My 02 250F....if you dumped it...good god you were hosed.

The trick that worked for me was to just turn off the gas, lay the bike on its side, until all the gas drains out of the carb, kick it over and *REMEMBER* to turn the gas petcock back on!.... A few times I forgot....that wasnt a good thing!

I've been having problems with mine starting after dumping it. Last weekend I couldn't get it started for the life of me after it went down, and had to tow start it. But it hasn't been right on it's setup and I'm playing with that still, especially the jetting and fuel screw settings. It's been surging on the throttle even when held steady so I need to dial everything before i can say it doesn't like to start after dumping it. Never had a problem with my two stroke so long as the plug wasn't fouled. If it is you're wasting your time until you swap it. If it isn't 2 kicks is all it ever needs max, usually 1st kick.

If mine doesnt start after 2 kicks, I turn off gas lean it over and drain of a little gas, and kick it again, usually 2 kicks does it Then turn gas back on

Mine always starts real easy when hot. Then the other day, I laid my bike on the ground to help my buddies son get through a tough section and didnt turn my fuel off. It must have taken me 20 friggen minutes to get that bitch started. :worthy::p:eek::cheers: My fault....I never have that problem when I remember to turn the fuel off. :p:bonk::crazy: I have never understood why the pros have such a hard time getting re-started.

Mine starts usually with two kicks after somebody knocks me down in a moto...a lot easier than my old '01 426, which usually took 110 kicks...:cheers:

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