XR650R(modern bike) -Maico 490 Comparison

This was one wicked fast Yamaha. It handled better than the Maico but

wasnt quite as quick.

I used to race the 250K version of this bike back then. Still the sweetest bike

I have ever owned. :mad:


Great to see people still see the maicos as the fastest bikes on the planet cause they are. I'd put mine up next to any CR500 on the TV show Pinks any day. 85' MStar 500 with CYC title let me plate mine in my state so I can eat croch rockets of all sizes light to light in my town. Smokes any 4-stroke in the 1/4 mile!

Had a 490 Maico in 82. Great bike for the day. Also had an IT465 bored to 490. Sorry the Maico would kill any IT or YZ 490 and outhandle them as well. My 84 CR500 would eat any Yammie 490 I ever met as well as the Maico. It didn't spit out primary chains and the brakes always worked unlike the Maico. Still love the Maico just not as much as the CR. The yammies were real easy to ride , so was the Maico. The Honda was a scary, wheel spinning monster that was on the ragged edge of control all the time but that was the fun of it.

Those Maicos were fast bikes WHEN you could keep them together. They always seemed to be busticated FIVE times as much as any major japanese manufactured bike. If you had one now, I'd want at least TWO parts bikes to TRY to keep it going. Parts availability when they were new STUNK due to the DISMAL (almost non-existent) dealer network; trying to keep one alive now to be ridden on an even semi-regular basis would be a labor of love (more likely HATE).

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