is there any difrences between the 2000 and 2002 yz426.I already know the 2002 has titanium valves that ome stock.but the 2000 comes with stanless steal valves.wich valve is better.and where can you find valves for the 426.and is there any yz426 websites

I couldn't tell you about the titanium valves becuase I've got the 2000. But I know that a lot of guys switch to stainless valves to reduce maintenance. I'm pretty fond of not having to adjust every 20 hours.

Most 01 & 02 YZ426's are still running around with there factory Ti valves. I would say the majority of those 426's haven't even had the valves adjusted yet. Ti is very reliable.

and is there any yz426 websites

Every bit of information that you could possibly want is right here at TT. :mad:

Ti is very reliable.
Yamaha's version of it certainly is, and it's a simple matter of producing a high quality part that is up to the job. No rocket science, no voodoo, just a refusal to cut corners.

My .02 worth, the 02 YZ 426 I have is the most reliable bike I ever owned. Only down time was from my reassembling the intake bell in the carb with the o-ring slightly out of place. I check the valves every 10 hours out of analness (is that a word?) with no problems and change the oil and clean the filter every 3 hours. Starts second kick, doesn't stall and runs plenty fast for me.

I believe the 01-02 got the aluminum subframe and the 02 got suspension and brake improvements.


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