Just thought I would get my shots in on this one. I know there would be only 97 bikes for me to wash, but how many of you can beat 66 years? Even Paul can't beat that many years. Maybe it makes me the oldest, but not the fastest. You should have seen me when I thought I was fast.

Dougie, Another Moab rally? Cool! How about in the Sping sometime? Let us know.

Tree Hugger, I will wash your bike since you are the eldest. Do you even have one anymore? :)

Hi Paul

You ask if I still have a bike. Well of course I do, it's's a...let me go look, I think it's a.....OH yea, It's a Schwinn, no, maybe I have one. Just went out and looked, I can't find it.

No! I don't have one anymore but I don't know why. I think the hippies took it. :)

Tree Hugger, if the hippies are out riding your bike they can't be all bad! :D Maybe we need to create a new web site. HTH Maybe they will get high on acid and run over some greenies! :)

[ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

I'll gladly run over some greenies - no chemical encouragement needed! :D I'm NOT washing anyone's bike though, lately I've barely got enough time to take care of my own :D . I don't put much stock into the membership # thing anyways as I was a victem of the old T-Talk meltdown too. As for total number of posts, I figure quality should count over quantity any day :) . So who really is the Top Gun T-Talker? I vote for J.D. - long live the King! :D:D:D

I think I have the answer:

number of posts+member number+age= "KING"

James Dean!! He's probably the man that deserves it.

Kevin, Most likely to succeed!! (motivated tee handle helper)

Oh yea!!

Class clown?..........Hmmmmmmmmm......


Just kidding!!! Or am I? Just kidding!!!

Taffy's cool!!! :)


i think you'll find bill is the TT #1 plate holder. but only for a season, right!

i ignored this post until now because i thought senrity was another track you yanks were all off to ride at!

we spell it seniority.

we should all wash the bikes of the eldest, tune the bikes of the youngest and listen to those with the most posts.

the mostest of the postest is me!!!!

add 780-790 to what you can see.

who said "empty cans" let me at 'em!! :D:D

hey dan. time and distance are supposed to be great healers aren't they. so what happened to you :)

i guess the only clown is the one who can't set up his bike :D


[ December 20, 2001: Message edited by: Taffy ]

it sould all come down to the size of a mans........rear tire and how many nobbs are left on it.

Taffy, I was TOTALLY having fun with you!!!!!! I know you pretty well by now and I don't think there is anything you can say to piss me off.. I read everything you post!! I greatly appreciate all of the advice you give all of us.

(I hope Im not sounding like Rudolph the "Brown-nose raindeer")He He

I think that all TT'ers would agree that if their was one poster that gets people going it is you!! Sometimes you say the funniest things.

I put :) next to you because I wanted to let you know that I was having fun with you. I have ZERO issues with you my friend!!!!

Please don't buy a Husaberg!!! We need you here to cut,drill,tap,modify and test the WR!!!

Im sure you didn't mean to jab at me by saying a clown is one who doesn't know how to set-up his bike. I take no offence and know you're just having fun..... I know VERY little about jetting.


PS. I don't like :D next to my name. It doesn't fit me.


That mis-spelling was a result of a keyboard error and not that fact that I work in TV for a living and have mush for a brain :)

Ok, I can see that this is become a issue of masculinity. Kinda like how fast is you computer.

So Mr. Overall see'er of all T-Talk (Bryan), I know I'm in the 100's in registration. How can I get my old handle back "milkman2544" with my original member #. Boot someone in the 50's if you have to.

Oh, also, can you add my total number posted under MOmilkman to milkman2544 so I can have a grand total. Granted I know I'll never come close to the likes of Kevin, Bill, JD, Taffy, Yamakazie or other selected members but at least I'd be up there. :):D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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