Getting back into it...YZ450f or 250f?

Hey guys hows it going. I started riding when I was 12 I am now 18. I rode a 400ex until I was 14, then got a YZ125. I had a desert rat family, we went to the desert almost every weekend during the season. I rode the 125 for 2 and a half years, at the desert, hardpack/gordons. Then I started going to the track a lot for fun, I was just about to move up to a 250 until my family moved we sold everything due to no place to store motorhome, trailer, bikes, etc. Now I have saved up enough money to buy another bike. Question is I weigh 150lb's and I haven't ridden a big bike for a year and a half, Should I buy a 450 since I will probably grow into it, or just stick with a 250f. The bike will be used 80% desert 20% track.

450-Too much power? Not needed?

250-Not enough? end up selling in a year for a 450?

Just thought you guys could help me make my decision.

I would lean towards the 250f just because of your size. The 450 is a lot of machine and I think a 250 will be plenty for you. However, if you do a lot of fast desert riding the 450 might make more sense. I would try to get your hands on one and ride it. They are beastly machines but if you like it and think you can handle it then go for it. I don't think you would have to worry about a 250f being down on power though at your weight.

I would go 250F if i was you.....It will be a lot more fun and then in 2-3 years you can move up to the 450...

250f, you can use all the power which makes it alot of fun to ride.

I am 135 pounds and I ride a 450. I can handle it just fine. If you buy the 250 and your like me you'll want to sell it and get a bigger bike not that long. I like big bikes cause you can't run out of power. You know your friends cant beat you. I throw the 450 around just fine. And just wait when you get on a 250f you'll feel so fast.

Plus having the 450 you dont have to run it as hard.

With as much desert riding as you will be doing, I would definately say go for the 450. Im not very big either but I can handle it. The key is just to ride everywhere a gear high. I would also recommend you get either a YZ426F or an '06 or newere YZ450F. You really need a 5 speed for the desert.

450 for sure. You can put a bigger flywheel in it, and your set. Plus your gonna get one eventually, why not save the hassle?

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