03 wr450 seized

Need help.

I just dumped my 03 wr450 over in a brook. I could't get my footing and the bike and myself layed in the brook for about 5 sec and the bike stalled. I had to dump the water out of the air box. I did't start it but tried to see if it would kick over and it was seized. I can not kick it over. Please help.:mad:

Does it turn over now or not?

Pull the plug and try to kick it over. The cylinder may be full of water.

I pulled the plug and you were right. A bunch of water came out when I kicked it over with my hand . What damage could I have caused and what do I do besides changing the oil. Thanks again for your help. Do you think I should change the oil run it and then change it again.

Probably no damage since you didn't force it. Change the oil, run it a few minutes and then change it again. Check the oil and if it's clean (not milky) you should be good to go. I would probably change it a third time after a short ride just for extra measure.

Done that many times, change the oil 2 or 3 times running in between, put a new oil filter in on the last change. Clean the air filter and might as well pop in a new spark plug since you have it out. It should be fine.

Like PBDBLUE said, as long as you didn't force it you should be OK.

You can cause some damage if there's water in the cylinder and the piston is on the compression stroke since water doesn't compress as well as air, but if you didn't force it when you realized it wouldn't move you should be ok.

In addition to the above I'd drain the float bowl & check for any dirt/grit.

I experienced the same thing a couple of months ago. Just keep changing the oil until it stops having that awful milky color.

I also run a bit of trany fluid with the first oil change. It helps absorb the water in the oil.

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