What year XR650R?

I am in the market for a 650R and would like to ask if there are any years that I should stay away from. Are there any specific issues that need to be addressed with older 650R's like this clutch bushing that I read about? My intended use will be convert to duel and use it for office duty with a moto on the way home and some long trial adventures.

Thanks in advance for any advice


Dude, I see your from Ill. Same here, Chicago. I had one.

Before we go ne further, what are you going to do with it ? Trails? Enduro ?

If so,,,, Forget it. I got back into mudd riding in 1999 after a 10 year hiatis to street riding. I was talked into the XR650R because of the macho bullshit,, ahh you dont want a wimpy 2 stroke 250 or wimpy 4 stroke 450... WRONG !!!!!

I rode that beast for 3 seasons. A friend let me ride a 426 yam and was hooked. Bought a WR450, and that was tooo top heavy. Now Im riding and LOVING a wr250f.... for me,,,, its an awesome trail bike,, especially for around here on the VERY limited ,,, shitty trail riding we have here in the midwest. Light, quick and can do more than any XR650r could ever do.

So,, I hope that helps,,,, and again,, what are you planing on doing with this thing?

Yep northwest sub

I have an 2002 YZ250 for Moto and serious trails. I want the XR to convert to dual sport and for extended open trial riding in the U.P. of Michigan. I also have a nice privet moto track on the way home from my office so im thinking a couple of times a week instead of the street bike ride the xr and catch some laps on the way home for a good workout.

Dont let him talk you into a Yammie, for what you want to do,, the 650r will be awesome. It might not be the best at tight trails, might not be the best on the highway, probably not the best on the track, but..... its the one bike you can grab and do anything well, it has tons of power, and not have to worry about it breaking down on you. I use mine as a daily commuter, 3 miles of semi tight trails, then 7miles of pavement, LOVE IT. Yammie dosent have anything that comes close to the all around durability and versatility of the Big Red Pig, except maybe the xt350 and it dosent even come anywhere close(I used to own one) www.xr650r.us will have all the info you want about what year, and little quirks.

thats cool,, cig,,, even in the u.p.,, its gonna br tiring to ride though,,,,

good luck dude


Think about working out on a BRP and then jumping on a 250 2smoke. Would feel like your on a z50.

to answer your question..... everything 2000 to present is practically the same motorcycle. Somewhere between 2001-2002 they decided to upgrade to more ro-bust countersaft seals. (thanks to stupid people who would over-fill their oil tanks....the seals would blow out....and still will if you arent' careful with the newer version)

Other than that..... find one barely used & well taken care of.


& this is what I have to say to everyone else.

All you need to do is watch 'Dust to Glory' and you'll be hooked....

So far, I have my XR set up for ONLY highway & sport riding..... believe it or not, I usually ride with other SPORT bikes. The trick, is getting the power up to a point to where you can re-gear it....

I have found out though, how the XR650R can be an absolute handfull in the dirt on tight trails.... but, to be honest --- I love rooster tails.....

The XR is the Humvee of motorcycles.

Try running a WR for 400-500 mile adventure trips at high RPM.


thanks artic,

searching a little more I think I am getting the anwsers I was looking for. The biggest change I have found was the basket bushing. No big deal to update!

There is no one bike that gets all jobs done. Bikes are like tools use the right one for the job you are doing. I sure dont want to supercross a BRP but I sure as heck don't want to wring out my YZ on a 100 mile loop i'v done it, not good!!!!!

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