$3000.00 2000 Honda XR650R STREET LEGAL

I found it with only 82 actual miles(for real). Should I jump on it at this price? I want to motard it for fun. Not race it. What do yall think? thanks:ride:

A street legal 650R in good condition is worth that asking price. A few questions for you:

1. Why are you confident it only has those low miles? If it is legit it should basically be showroom condition, maybe a scratch here or there, but nothing more.

2. What is your experience with bikes, dirt bikes. If its minimal, get a buddy to check over the bike with you.

3. A clear title? Otherwise full stop.

Re supermoto, a 650R makes a primo platform to build a very capable motard. Yeah, for full-level competition most go with a lighter 450. But if you're just looking for a street motard, you're on a good path. My 650R motard is scary.

Good luck and keep us posted.

If it truly has that few miles I'd be all over it. Bought an '00 this summer with lots of aftermarket stuff for $3,700 & I felt it was a good deal. They're easy sells up here as it's becoming nearly impossible to dual sport a dirt bike up here in WA.

Sound almost to good to be true....if it is jump on it and go!:mad:


that means that bike has probably been ridden only once or twice in the almost 6 years it has been alive. this bike better be showroom condition and those plastics better be perfect. should have original everything on it. tires, sprockets, etc.

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