Lets see those 426's!

Here's my 2000 yz426f...I love this bike! Reliable and fun!


Here is my 02 model.



Here is my 02 model.



man those blue wheels really look great on your bike!

here is mine its a 2001 and this is after about a half hour of riding so ignore the mud


My 01 Hurricane :mad:


From the time of that picture I've added a couple extra bits of BLING thanks to my buddy Satch. :mad:

A carbon fiber heat shield for the exhaust side of the carb and a set of Ti foot pegs.

Man I still love that bike. :mad:


pic of my 01

I will have to clean this bike up for a new picture but this is how it spends most of it's time/Users/glenn/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2006/Roll 26/DSC01659.JPG/Users/glenn/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2006/Roll 29/DSC01712.JPG

oops I guess I still don't know how to use this new computer! I'll try again

The picture must be hosted on a web server first. Search for image hosting on Google, and you'll find a number of places. Thumper Talk currently does not upload images directly to the forums. Then you can place a link to the image in a post and have it appear by using the tags, (url of the image) around the link.

use www.photobucket.com

it will have a url already setup to post the image here like the others

and b-bike where did you get that hurricane kit that looks awesome

I think I am gonna keep this bike forever

hey man where did you find a yellow gas tank or what did you do about the blue tank?

man those blue wheels really look great on your bike!


My SM version


I'm just wondering who's still rock'n the YZ 426! Here is mine.:ride:


Damm I didn't see skwerlee's thread! Oops!





4 year old thread yay :banghead:. Nice bike though :ride:

4 year old thread yay :banghead:. Nice bike though :ride:

haha thanks!

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