miss all my goodies

i've ridden a couple of times down our typical muddy green lanes without ma bits and do i miss them!

i stalled out about 4 times on sunday and yet i climbed nothing higher than 1'. loved my 10oz stealy.

last week during my APJ tests i kept pulling over and trying to put my foot down and the bike kept freewheeling!! then i had clunky gearchanges and neutral was harder to find. miss my magura juice clutch.

i wound it open in some "steve mcqueen" country and swung like a donkeys tail somewhere around the back of the bike. wooooooaaaahhh! now i have to take the cap off to read my fuel level. that clark tank and seat were better than i realised.

i stand up like napoleon and nearly go over the bars first time-where are my carmichael's?

i even pulled my barkbusters off and got cold hands!

all well! worth getting and if i was glad to get them i'm sad to see them go.


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So Taff, What will repalce your WR?


can't sell it at the moment. this is not a good time of year.

when i was in the car trade december was dead.

i saw a 5 month old berg for £3,450 last week privately (£3,250 in the trailer?). the main dealer wants £4,750 for a new 2002 or £4,400 for no trade-in.

he is also the anglian KTM dealer and has a KTM 400SX in that is 6 months old with the electric start conversion, i know the bike and it'll be like new.

this appeals because it's reliable and light and lost all it's initial value (as has the above berg) but we have rallies over here for strictly only road reg bikes and also our favourite club says no to MX's. i also know the carb well and that comes into the equation.

i think it's more important to sell it and then think on.

from what i can gather the bergs reliability has gone up 300% in the last year. they still had some trouble but it's been put right for 2002.

if i get the chance i will try the KL mod with .020" (.5mm) of APJ lift.

i will try the DMM needle which has a 3mm higher taper start like my very first "snap" tests.

i want something easier to ride through forests,mud and gloop.

nothings got the top end of the yam.

i was thinking of doing some cam timing tests but at the end of the day, who is going to benifit?

now what is it you want kev? a honda crf250? sounds nice.


Any 250 sounds good because of the light weight. I do like my bike, but when riding at Bill's (Pennsylvania) this past summer, the bikes weight really reared it's ugly head on the jumps. After my real bad crash on the SX track, I lost all my balls and decided it wasn't worth it. Jumps I would have EASILY cleared on my CR250 Honda, the WR fell short, each and every time.

I would like to keep my WR, and if I had easy, all day access to a MX track, I would buy a YZ or CR Honda in a heart beat (provided I received a double thumbs up from all deciding parties).

I have ridden 2 strokes long enough to know they offer qualities that a 400/426 cannot touch.

The CRF250 is just a dream bike. It will never happen... :)

Kev, Man just you talking about the CR250 makes me miss mine. I wish so bad that I had one. In my opinion there is no better feeling than whipping a 250 2 stroke around a track. If I had the extra dough I would get one. I don't think that any one bike does anything perfect (alot of them get close). But you can't beat a super light weight 2 stroke on the track. :)

Taffy, Ive got to tell ya, I REALLY like my KX250. This is the first Kawasaki dirtbike I have owned, and I am quite impressed. The light weight factor really comes in handy, when riding the woods. I still miss the power of the WR, but I am not missing the rest of the bike. My kaw will out corner, and out brake my old WR, by a long shot. I rode a YZ250f and was impressed, but there is a noticable lack of grunt. I was also quite annoyed by the amount of engine braking the WR, and the YZ had.

But, you know what, after all the whining about the WR, I KNOW I will own another one. They are unlike anything else I have ridden!!

Taffy, just as a matter of interest how much are the 02 GasGas 300ec worth in the Mother Land?

Well, having read that Taffy is miserable on his stock WR, I just have to share how AMAZING those bits are now they have replaced the stock items from my WR. I took Taffys scotts triples, his fmf powercore and stroker sx-1. Magura clutch too, but not yet installed. In between the cold weather and snow flurries I went for a blast.

This is a NEW BIKE. Unbelievabele power addition from the exhaust system. I wheelied myeslf to oblivion a couple of times with the extra torque and power offered by this combo. Yamakaze....I completely understand what you meant. Now...I need some help getting the jetting sorted following this change...but thats another story.

Scotts triples coupled with a hi-rise protaper (OShiro) make the riding positon MUCH less cramped. Id guess the perches are about 3/4 to 1 inch further forward than stock and there were 10mm risers included... really a different setup. However.....BOY are these pro taper bars STIFF !

Unfortunetely I really think I have had my last ride of the winter as I was dodging ice flows (longest ice rink I traveresed was about 30 foot) and was shaken to bits by the frozen ground.

Stroker is SUBSTANTIALLY louder than the euro stock exhaust though....earplugs are in order I think. But its sounds waaaayyyyy cool !


the 300's are £3,795 OTR

the new 400 is £4,350 OTR

we're not the cheapest in europe. i think lichtenstein, luxemburg come tops and france is excellent too.

that makes that 400 excellent value as long as it's a good bike. because they want £4,850 for the yams and gas-gas has leccy start and PI.

the missile

i would up the gearing a tad, can you quantify the performance improvements and where it is in the rev range. did you get a good seal between header and tail?



sob! i'm an ex-owner!!

snivel !!



:) Well done m8.

now go and buy summat else, and tune the tits off that now! :D

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