I Want More!

07' 650L daves mod's, k&n, no baffle, stock pipe with spot welded baffle removed, 55/158...I said to myself this is all Im going to do, but holy crap what a difference, the power is addictive, so what would be next steps beside a/m pipe of course... want to keep reliable, run about 70% street 30% dirt and want to keep gearing like it is cuz I have lot a hwy to some places.795 ft asl. Thx for any help guys

Edelbrock pumper carb & a Hot Cams Stage 1. (the stage 1 uses your stock valves and valve springs...but gives you a uncorking like low to mid power boost)

The Edelbrock made a huge differece (and it has an externally adjustable needle height...which is great for quick tuning)

But....the Hot Cams? Holy CRAP! I have my XR650R geared for the highway 15-45....and it STILL pulls 2nd gear wheelies on the street w/o clutching it.

thanks for the reply

you still have the stock header on it with the new cam? I have the edelbrock and fmf pipe, but wouldn't mind some more power without breaking the bank on yet another new exhaust system

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