She's almost finished and getting meaner by the day

But not quite yet. Still waiting on:

White Bros. E2 pipe

XR's Only Baja light

XR's Only case saver kit

XR's Only shark fin

XR's Only wide pegs

Acerbis Rally hand guards


KTM 950 Turn Signals

14t sprocket

Red anodized rear sprocket

Gold X-Ring chainI gotta tell you I really love this bike :mad:



Sweet bike. Doesn't get much better than this, eh? Except maybe firing these babies up and riding.

Keep us posted.

Awsome looking bike!

nice work. what seat is that ? the stocker recovered or another ?

Nope, the seat is stock, cover and all. The tailight however is from my XR250R. Fits perfectly, same excact fender in fact. I just got a 1157 type socket, spliced it in to the ex- TV set wireing and walla ! Sano looking tailight/brakelight !

I just cant decide on the headlight. I hate the stocker. Maybe a 650R replica in all black. Not sure how the all black headlight will look. This bike is a torque monster ! Very easy to loft the bow :mad:

You might want to try some of that new krylon fushion paint to change the color of that stock headlight,it works very well on bendable plastic. How are those tank decals holing up? I was going to get me some of those,but I couldn't make up my mind about them.

I have been keeping my eye on them and so far they are nailed down tight. No bubbleing after quite a while too. I will try your idea, thanks. Just cant decide on headlight color, blacl, black headlight & blacl front fender combo, or just the normal red/white backround combo.

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