XR650L Porting Question

Hey guys,

Who here has ported and/or polished their own head and/or could tell me exactly what needs to be done?

The last I knew you wanted to keep the intake sorta rough so the air fuel mixes well,and only polish the exaust and match that to the exaust.

I asked the guys at XRs only about porting, their response was don't. He said that XRs respond with very little gain, and if not done just right you will actually lose power at low and midrange rpm.

If you want hp gains your money is best spend on a good set of stainless valves with the nitromeg coating, and kibblewhite springs and hrc camshaft in the head dept. You can go oversize valves but get ready to spend some $$$$ leave the ports alone especially the intake!

I'm cool with leaving the ports alone. Less work = less money/less risk

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