What is the difference between the Pro Taper Contour bars and the Pro Taper Evo Bars? Are the Evo bars 1 1/8 all the way to the grips?

No, all handlebars are 7/8" at the grips. According to Pro Taper,

How is it different from our Contour handlebar?

The Contour model is a special blend of alloy processed into 5mm wall thickness tubing. The EVO model utilizes a computer profiled 4mm wall design, thus making the EVO handlebar lighter and giving it a more sensitive feel. In addition the EVO also is made of a unique blend of premium alloy that has proven results. EVO also incorporates the use of a unique coating inside the tubing to resist corrosion ultimately extending the life of the bar.

Just more advanced construction.

Thanks for the info!

Would i be better off spending the extra cash for the evos or just get the contours?

I can't make that decision for you. I use Contours, though.

Are the evos stronger or are the contours. since i seem to crash alot haha

"Rumour" has it that (evo's) are stronger....but I can't say for sure. I definately like my Contour's though, compared to the stock version, and the Pro-Taper SE model.

I had the contours on my yz250. And now i run the evo on my yz450. And its hard for to tell a difference but i know they are stronger. I run the Henry/Reed Bend because they are a little taller and a little more forward than stock. But anyways the evo is supposed to be a more exact bend every bar. The contour i guess was a little off on some of them and the evo is supposed to be the same on every bar while being stronger and better metal.

the contours are not made by easton

they are using cheaper metals from a different source.

try to find the originals or buy renthal twinwalls

I have not had good luck with the Contours, they seem to bend very easily. I wanted the Easton Pro Tapers, but the store only had the others.( I know, try to keep it two wheels.)

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